Referral forms may use different terminology for procedures. For example, myocardial perfusion scans are also known as myocardial perfusion stress tests or sometimes listed according to the radiopharmaceutical used (e.g. MIBI, Myoview or Thallium scans). If the procedure you’d like to request seems not to be listed, describe the clinical indication(s) and region of the body that you’re interested in and the nuclear medicine specialist will decide the most appropriate scan to undertake in discussion with you.

Times allowed and preparations are intended as a guide only to assist you and your patients when organising appointment times for scans. Please note that approximate time is time from administration of radiopharmaceutical to the end of scanning. For many procedures there is a gap of an hour or more between the administration of the radiopharmaceutical and the scan when patients may be able to go away.

This information is designed as a reference source for medical practitioners and is intended to supplement, not replace, particular patient information provided by individual nuclear medicine services. Your patients should ask the nuclear medicine service to which they are referred for specific information relevant to their procedure. All nuclear medicine services will have information leaflets and the AANMS has produced a general patient information leaflet on nuclear medicine scans. This leaflet is also available online at


Please note that many procedures will be performed in conjunction with a low-dose CT scan for attenuation correction and anatomical localisation. This CT scan will usually take no more than 10 minutes.

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