INDICATIONS: Assessment of the external soft tissue structures of the ankle. It is used primarily to assess recent or chronic tendon or ligamentous damage, bursitis, joint effusion or mass.


LIMITATIONS: Assessment of the deltoid (medial) ligament, is best performed on MRI, along with the ankle mortise and some intertarsal ligaments.


PREPARATION: Removal of bandages, stockings or any other covering around the ankle.


SCAN PROCEDURE: Remove footwear, lie on a scanning bed and simply lift up your clothing to expose the surface of your ankle for scanning. Ultrasound jelly will be placed on your skin to allow transmission of ultrasound waves from a hand held probe which is moved over your ankle. Your examination will take approximately 20 minutes and will not cause any discomfort or pain.


POST PROCEDURE: There are no post procedure precautions.


RESULTS: The images obtained by the sonographer will be analysed and interpreted by the Radiologist.

 Your procedure report will be sent electronically to your referring doctor. Please inform us of when you plan to follow up with your doctor so that your report can be prioritised. A hyperlink will be added to the report that will allow your doctor to access your images.

We provide long term electronic storage of your report and images, so you may obtain a copy either on the day of the scan or in the future.