INDICATIONS: To assess the abdominal structures including: Liver, spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, biliary ducts or appendix. Masses, collections or peritoneal fluid.


LIMITATIONS: Scanning is more difficult in larger patients, with potential reduction in image quality and diagnostic yield. Fatty change in the liver can reduce detail in the deeper parts of the liver. The superior edge of the liver and spleen may not always be visible under the diaphragm. Bowl gas may overly some structures making them invisible. Most commonly, the body and/or tail of the pancreas is obscured.


PREPARATION: Ideally fast for 6 hours, however, the scan may still be performed with shorter fasting periods if not specifically looking at the gallbladder, or the patient is diabetic. Please bring your referral (letter from your doctor) and your Medicare card with you to your appointment. It is important to bring all previous films relating to the region being imaged. Please ensure that you are on time for your appointment to ensure there is sufficient time available to perform the procedure.


SCAN PROCEDURE: You may need to change into a gown, or adjust your clothing to allow access to the area to be scanned.  You will lie on a scanning bed during your procedure, which will take 20 to 30 minutes. The technician (sonographer) will ask you to move around and hold your breath at times to obtain the appropriate images. Ultrasound jelly will be placed on your skin to allow transmission of ultrasound waves from a hand held probe which is moved over your abdomen. The procedure does not cause any discomfort or pain.


POST PROCEDURE: There are no post procedure precautions.


RESULTS: The images obtained by the sonographer will be analysed and interpreted by the Radiologist. 

Your procedure report will be sent electronically to your referring doctor. Please inform us of when you plan to follow up with your doctor so that your report can be prioritised. A hyperlink will be added to the report that will allow your doctor to access your images.

We provide long term electronic storage of your report and images, so you may obtain a copy either on the day of the scan or in the future.