suspected facial fractures or head injury

suspected fractures where x-ray is normal

spinal pain or injury


suspected kidney stones


chronic lung disease

when contrast cannot be given


LIMITATIONS: None. Please notify us and your doctor if you are pregnant, since if your procedure is non urgent, your doctor may choose to delay it until after your pregnancy.




SCAN PROCEDURE: You will be asked to remove any metal in the area being scanned and lie on the scanning bed. The technician will position you and electronically move the bed into position for your scan. You will then receive instructions via the intercom for the duration of the scan. The scan will take approximately 15 minutes.


POST PROCEDURE: There are no post procedure requirements.


RESULTS: The images obtained by the technician will be analysed and interpreted by the Radiologist. 

Your procedure report will be sent electronically to your referring doctor, Please inform us of when you plan to follow up with your doctor so that your report can be prioritised. A hyperlink will be added to the report that will allow your doctor to access your images.

We provide long term electronic storage of your report and images, so you may obtain a copy either on the day of the scan or in the future.